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Every year more and more travellers ask for some good recommendations about vegetarian and vegan restaurants. In this post we will outline a few good options for plant-based food in Cusco. First of all we want to reassure our tourists that in our tours all food requirements can be met. Thanks to an increasing demand of this kind, in Peru, but also in Bolivia and all over South America, this request no longer sounds unusual as it used to and you will be surprised by the range of veggie choices that you can find in each city. Talking about Cusco specifically, according to Happy Cow as of today there are almost 30 different veg-friendly options. Most of them are located at walking distance from the main square, Plaza de Armas, and not far from the most popular hotels and hostels. In the picturesque ''barrio'' of San Blas is located one of the best restaurants of all, at least according to the TripAdvisor reviews that you can find online: Green Point. It opens daily and is 100% vegan. A lot of meat-eaters and non-vegan visitors have had great words and comments about their meal at this place. Other recommended restaurants are for example Shaman Vegan Raw Restaurant, that associates and prepares food with ancient techniques and the world of shamanic practices; Loving Vegan, that also holds yoga, tai-chi, and other workshops; Vida Vegan Bistro, that offers Peruvian and Italian vegan dishes. There are many more veggie restaurants in Cusco, suitable for every budget. You just need to keep you eyes open and look for them patiently. Yes, we say this because many of them are very small and might be hidden in some ancient colonial building in the historic centre of Cusco, so not immediately visible on the street. The best thing to do is do a brief research before going out and pin a few places on the map so that you can pick the first one and if you don't like it simply continue on your ''veggie route'' until you find the right place for you.

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