Whilst in Cusco and the surrounding areas there are so many sights to see and much too much to do in just a few days. You can occupy yourself with the day-life or nightlife and it could still take more than a week to tick all these boxes…

Note: this is by no way a complete list for Cusco, however it will get you off to a start in Cusco!

  • Sample the Peruvian potatoes… as many as you can.
  • Try papa rellena.
  • Visit San Pedro Market… there is too much to digest in one day…
  • But make sure to stop off and grab a juice from the ladies within, 3 soles for more than enough for one person to enjoy. Very refreshing!
  • Invest in a new alpaca (fake part synthetic) hoodie/jumper?
  • Don’t forget the new chullo (hat) to go with it!
  • And the socks…
  • And some pants?
  • What would the outfit be without the custom shoes/boots¿¡
  • Why not get a new poncho too¿
  • Try out a new musical instrument, a flute of some Andean blow pipes…?
  • Sample to cacao.
  • Peruvian Coffee is quite good as well you know.
  • Visit the Incan sites… Starting with Saqsaywaman
  • The Sacred Valley is worth a few of your days, Pisac & Ollantaytambo to name a few
  • Have you tried cuy (guinea pig) yet?
  • The pork belly of Cusco is to die for.
  • Anticuchos on the street, meat on a stick! P.S. have a look for “Condoritos” too…
  • There are too many high-end restaurants at middle size prices in the city, Chicha & Uchu to get you started…
  • Coriqancha aka The Sun Temple on the ave de sol is impressive.
  • You have heard of “maca” right? Locals always start their days with it, grab a glass for 1sole early in the morning, ladies are everywhere selling it…
  • Also available is quinoa juice plus a few more others types of juices. Very local and authentic cultural experience here…
  • Chicha is available on the streets too, and it’s only 1sole would you believe. Ñyapitta por favor ;)
  • Chicha morada is the jugo (juice) version of this, very refreshing in the sunny daytime and the base ingredients are actually unbelievably healthy for you.
  • The “Chiceria” is the local Andean version of a pub/bar from back home. 1sole and it is huge.
  • Don’t tell me you haven’t had a pisco sour yet…
  • By the way you can quite easily make chicha yourself at home, get the ingredients from the local market.
  • Remember that “maca” I mentioned, its about 14sole a kilo…. Take some home with you?
  • And there’s a ton of other super food grains & powders to look out for like quinoa, kiwicha and much more, ask the ladies selling what they have & what it is good for…
  • Chifa is the Peruvian / Chinese fusion food. Try it…
  • Alpaca is a fantastic meat to eat. Some would say it tastes better than beef.
  • Get your photo taken with the local gimmicky traditional Andean folk here, how can you resist petting the alpaca – just after you’ve eaten one! They are so unbelievably cute.
  • You can take a cooking class in Cusco, lots of places offer lessons… do some research and see which options suits you most.
  • Chocolate museum gives free samples every day, you might even be tempted to buy some.
  • See the fruits being sold on the street and in the markets, have you tried them all yet?
  • The local Cusqueñan beer is pretty decent, aptly named Cusqueña. +4 varieties to sample and a special large decorated “quinoa” version was on the shelves while I visited.
  • Cusco & Peru have a few craft breweries you can get to wet your mouth too. You won´t ever be thirsty.
  • Everybody tries the coca tea here, have a look for the muña though…
  • Local musicians can be seen & heard, the sound is folklore & eventually you will love it.

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