You have different options to get to Cusco:


Cusco´s airport is called Aeropuerto Internacional Teniente Alejandro Velasco Astete. Its name is a bit deceiving, because it´s not an international airport. The only way to get to Cusco if you have an international flight is by Lima. A flight from Lima to Cusco usually
takes about 55 minutes, depending on the weather. Usually airport taxes are included in your ticket. When you´re about to arrive to Lima with an international flight you´ll be asked to fill out an immigration document, keep this document with you! It´s very important!



The bus route from Lima to Cusco is one of the most dangerous in South America. A lot of accidents happen due to bad driving skills, poor road conditions or landslides. Don´t worry too much though, usually nothing happens and tourist buses are well regulated. The bus ride takes about 22 hours, so you might want to stock up on food and water before leaving, as they don’t make many stops. The closer you get to Cusco the more typical mountain roads you will travel on, so it´s advisable to take some car sickness pills.


The road from Arequipa to Cusco is a bit safer than the one from Lima, with a duration of 12 hours on straighter superior roads, it´s definitely one to feel more relaxed on.


A bus trip from Puno to Cusco takes about 6 hours and is pretty safe as well. Beautiful mountain passes are only to be seen during the day, so if you want to take some nice shots with your camera, make sure you travel at day and reserve a seat at the window.


The road from La Paz to Cusco passes the Peruvian- Bolivian border. You will be asked to fill in the immigration paper, make sure you keep this paper with you to you at all times. Some people forget they need to ´check out’ of Bolivia and also ´check in´ to Peru. Failure to do this can be very expensive. The road passes by Puno, so you might want to decide if you want to stay here. As coming back from Cusco only will cost you more time.


Peru Hop is a backpacker owned hop on hop off bus network serving the south of Peru. Peru Hop operates their own buses, between Lima and Cusco. They have a variety of different passes that enables passengers to take in the Ballestas Islands, Sandboarding/buggying at Huacachina – a mythical desert oasis south of Lima, the Nazca lines in the Nazca desert and Arequipa perhaps Peru´s most beautiful city, where you can
spend a couple of days exploring this magnificent city or even take a trip to the Colca Canyon, the world´s 2nd deepest canyon and twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. All bus passes are valid for one whole year so you decide how long to spend on the route between Cusco and Lima. All buses have an onboard Peruvian guide helping you every step of the way, and two experienced fully licensed drivers. The buses are top of the range semi-cama with onboard toilets and flatscreen TV’s.

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