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This is a blog where we post information and comments having to do with travel in the city of Cusco. We are a travel agency with 7 years of experience in Cusco, and we also operate tours in other cities around the country. We invite you to read and comment on the articles.

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Useful Information About Cusco - Peru

The Sun Festival - Intiraymi

The greatest of all celebrations of the year in Cusco is without a doubt the so-called Inti Raymi, or the ''Sun Festival''. This is a ritual that is held every year on June 24th and carries a massive symbolic importance in the traditions and history of Cusqueans. It's an Inca ceremony, as you could easily guess. The name is in Quechua, the language of the Incas that is still widely spoken in Andean Peru.

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How to Deal with Altitude Sickness

When you live at low altitude and suddenly get to travel up to 3000+ meters you are likely to feel some effects from notorious altitude sickness. Here you have a few tips to deal with it, so that it doesn't spoil your trip.

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Mancora Beach

If you're looking for the perfect vacation spot after your strenuous hike to Machu Picchu or a hectic visit to a big city like Lima, then you should consider visiting one of Peru's most famous beaches, Mancora.

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Peruvian Hairless Dogs

At first glance someone encountering a Peruvian hairless dog might think it has some kind of skin disease. Apart from sometimes having just a few tufts of hair poking from the top of its head this native Peruvian animal is completely hairless – obviously this is were its uninventive but descriptive name comes from.

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