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(Minimum 4 Passengers)



We leave Cusco at 6:00am in a private bus, crossing many valleys and communities. Mid-morning we visit the graves of pre-Inca Ninamarca known as Ch’ullpas, then head to the historic village in the Andes, Paucartambo where we have breakfast. We will take a walk through the village and continue our journey up the mountain to climb to 3,852m. Acjanacu this is the starting point of Manu National Park as we continue through the lowland rain forest full of beautiful Orchids, Ferns and primitive Heliconias. We will have lunch on the way and walk 30 minutes to see the famous national bird of Peru, Rupicola Peruviana, or Cock of the Rock in its mating ritual. We may also have the opportunity to see the birds Trogons, Quetzals, Tanagers and many more. In the evening we arrive at Pilcopata where we have dinner and spend the night in a lodge.


After a delicious breakfast we go by bus to the port of Atalaya where we transfer to our boat to sail on the river, Alto Madre de Dios. On the way we see a great variety of birds such as Herons, Kingfisher and always there is the presence of Vultures of which the most spectacular is the Condor of the jungle. At noon we arrive at our lodge in Yanayacu for lunch. Then we will have a rest in the hammocks, preparing for an afternoon walk on the trails. The neo-tropical jungle is like a scientific laboratory; 25% of pharmaceuticals get their medicines from the species here, however less than 1% of all of the species have been analysed. We will learn a bit of the medicinal plants that grow in the forest and of the animals that live among them. After the walk we will be returning to the lodge for dinner and again prepare for a 50 minute night walk to Collpa, where we see Tapirs, the largest mammal in South America eating salty clay. We finish the night by heading back to the lodge to relax.


We get up very early to continue the trip in a boat sailing through the Madre de Dios River to Boca Manu and then arrive to where we will have breakfast. Then we go to the biosphere reserve of Manu. Riding the river to Andalusia, we see much of the forest and the vibrant life within it. We explore families of Capybara, White Caiman, Black Caiman, Turtles, and we continue to expand our list of birds that we have encountered. Most of the views we will have of the Jaguar, Puma and Ocelot occur in this stretch of the trip because they leave the forest to come to the river. Arriving at Lago Salvador, “Savior Lake”, we leave our boat and walk to the lodge in Matsiguenka to have lunch. Here we will learn from the traditions and customs of the natives who have lived for generations in harmony with the wild world of Mother Nature. We will have dinner and spend the night here.


After breakfast we will explore this area full of biodiversity. Cocha Salvador is the largest lake in Manu. The atmosphere here is stable and very dynamic with the river and the forest, so the flora and fauna that are found around the lakes prefer this established environment. After lunch, we will take a ride in a Catamaran where you can enjoy the animals that contribute to this beautiful land such as the "Giant Otter", which is still in danger of extinction, but efforts are being made to help this species and others. We visit Otorongo, a 26 meter tower of which you can see the lake and have a spectacular view of the surrounding vegetation and if we are lucky we can again see some alligators and giant otters. Then we head back to the lodge for a typical Peruvian dinner at the lodge and spend a second night in Matsiguenka.


This morning, after breakfast, we will continue our trip to Boca Manu, a small village located at the confluence of the rivers Manu and Alto Madre de Dios. We stop here briefly for fuel and continue our journey towards Tambo Blanquillo, where we have lunch and observe a Macaw Clay Lick. We rest in the afternoon at the lodge, have dinner and stay overnight.


To continue our journey, after breakfast we leave and go towards Tambo Colorado to have the opportunity to observe a second Macaws Collpa with the brilliant colours and sound and have lunch. After the spectacular show we head to Colorado where we spend the night in our lodge.


We continue our trip after breakfast and on our way, there will always be new things to see and we can observe nature at its best. Reaching Puerto Maze, the bus will be waiting for us and we head to Puerto Maldonado where we arrive at the hostel that accommodates us for the evening. We will all have lunch, free time to visit the town, have dinner and rest overnight.


After breakfast we visit the city of Puerto Maldonado and some museums before we return to the city of Cusco (Or Lima depending on our prearranged travel plans).


  • Transit Bus and Private Boat

  • Specialized and Professional Guide

  • All meals

  • Mineral Water During the Trip

  • Radio Communication

  • First Aid Team

  • Professional Chef Service

  • Efficient Equipment Drivers

  • All Overnight Hostel Stays

  • Rubber Boots

  • Entrance to Manu

  • Entrance to the Hot Springs and All of the Sites Visited



  • Canteens

  • Flashlight with Extra Batteries

  • Hat or Cap

  • Binoculars

  • Long-Sleeved Shirt and Long Pants

  • Sandals, Swimwear, Towel

  • A Pair of Hiking Boots

  • Personal Hygiene

  • Plastic Bags

  • Mosquito Repellent

  • Extra Money for Personal Expenses

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