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If you're looking for the perfect vacation spot after your strenuous hike to Machu Picchu or a hectic visit to a big city like Lima, then you should consider visiting one of Peru's most famous beaches, Mancora. Located along the Panamerican highway only a few hours south of the Ecuador border, you can put hiking through the Andes on hold and get ready for a completely new landscape. Too often we think of Peru as a country of only mountains and hills and we forget about how much the beautiful coast line has to offer. Whether you are going to hop on a surfboard for your first time, or you have been traveling down the coast in search of the perfect waves, Mancora is the spot for you. Steady waves year round and disco techs blasting loud music on the beach bring surfers and party people alike to this small, touristic town; although Mancora has a certain appeal for all different types of people. If you aren't into the surf scene you can just grab a cold beer and relax in the sun or shade and listen to the waves crashing at your feet. You can also take day trips to swim with turtles or rent a kiteboard or paddle board if you are still looking for a bit of adventure. Not much of a partier? There are plenty of hostels and hotels along the beach away from all the hustle and bustle of the town. This is also a safe place for families seeing as you can spot a police officer just about every couple meters. Facilities are quite limited but that doesn't seem to be bother anyone. After all, the less options you have, the less you have to stress your brain muscles. Fresh ceviche, cold cocktails, and sand in your toes is all you really need to completely let go for a while and just let yourself soak in the sun and sea. Mancora is the perfect place for families, groups of friends or solo travellers looking for a "descanso". Travelling itself can be just as physically and mentally draining as life back home and every once in awhile it is good to really take a break from it all. If you have the chance, go there a bit off-season in order to enjoy it to the fullest.

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