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The inca jungle trek is not just a tour, It’s an experience. Descending from over 3,000 metres by mountain bike to sleeping with a local guest family in the jungle, and from zip-lining to hiking recently discovered Incan pathways, ending up in one of the seven wonders of the world, and selected as the best travel destination by National Geographic: Machu Picchu. We have professional guides who are well-trained, experienced, and speak English fluently. For us it is important to share with you all the knowledge we possess about the history of the Incas, their magnificent culture and the secrets of the jungle. We are proud of our heritage and wish to show you something unique and unforgettable, with the goal to change your view of Peru’s present and history.
Your safety is our priority. For the mountain biking we offer full bicycle protection, during the hiking you will be clearly instructed where to go and where not to, and any optional extra activities will only be carried out by skilled guides. We sincerely hope that you`ll give us the chance to share this great experience with us.

inca jungle trek

Inca Jungle Trek Day 1: Cusco – Huamanmarca – Pispitayoc

We will pick you up between 5:30am and 6:00am at your hostel or hotel. We will head towards the Sacred Valley of the Incas, along the way you will get a chance to see picturesque villages and beautiful landscapes, arriving at Ollantaytambo at about 08:00am. Here you will have the chance to get some breakfast and stock up on some things you might have forgotten to buy. At 08:15am the bus heads towards Abra Malaga (4,350 m.a.s.l.) which is the point of departure with the bikes. We will descend for 3 hrs, passing through small villages, orchards, rivers and streams, reaching the town Huamanmarca (1,250 m.a.s.l.) around 12:00pm. While descending it is possible to see the vast changes in flora and fauna and the effect of oxygen level and altitude. In Huamanmarca, lunch will be served at a buffet restaurant which mainly uses local ingredients and prepares unique dishes. After a short break we'll head towards Santa Maria where the group will divide into two: the ones who booked the rafting and the ones who didn´t. The rafters will be brought to the rafting camp, where they will receive a briefing and instructions. Safety is a priority, so you will be given all the protection gear necessary. During the rafting a safety catamaran and cataraft will always accompany us. The rafting guides are well-trained and have tons of experience on the river.
Depending on the season, the river will be between class III and III+. In case the river is class IV or higher, for security reasons we will cancel the rafting and refund your payment. The travelers who didn't book the rafting tour will go with an assisted guide in our private bus for 20 minutes to the next town of Santa Rosa. From this point we will walk for approximately 45 minutes until reaching the ecolodge called "La Choza". Here we will have the chance to pick coca leaves, coffee beans and maybe sorne other fruits or vegetables. At the end of the rafting adventure, the bus will be waiting for the group to take them to the town of Santa Rosa where they too will start the hike towards the ecolodge. La Choza is a unique chance to enjoy the pure jungle in its best way. The guest family who receives you there still does things according to tradition, in a way you can say it´s like travelling back in time 200 years. Don´t worry though, there are rooms with bunk beds and normal mattresses for you to spend the night on, accompanied by an orchestra of jungle sounds.
Includes: Lunch – dinner Optional: Rafting

inca jungle trek - biking

inca jungle trek  rafting

Inca Jungle Trek Day 2 : Pispitayoc – Cocalmayo – Santa teresa

At around 7:00am it´s going to be time to wake up, after which we’ll have the chance to enjoy a typical breakfast and delicious cup of home-grown coffee in the middle of nature. At around 8:00am we´ll start walking along the banks of the river and start climbing for 30 minutes towards an original Inca path. In this area a lot of Inca trails can be found, but the one we will walk is the only one which still remains in good condition. On our way we will see wild fruits, like: pineapple, pacay, avocado and many more. The area is surrounded by many types of birds; this ecosystem is one of the most rich in terms of biodiversity in the Inca Jungle Trek. Once on top we will see the whole valley of Urubamba. The group will walk down the mountain for approximately 2.30hrs until arriving at the village of Qellomayo, to have lunch and regain some of your energy. After the meal you will have free time to relax in a hammock and give your legs some rest. After a break we continue walking for 3hrs crossing farms, waterfalls and rivers (one river you will have to cross with a cable car). At around 4pm the group arrives at Cocalmayc, or better known as the hot water springs of Santa Teresa. Cocalmayc offers several relaxing crystal-clear hot springs, each with its own temperature. The sound of the river and the stars at night time make it a perfect scenery. After the hot springs the group will continue to walk for about 40 minutes (or you can take a bus if you’d prefer) until reaching the town of Santa Teresa, where you will check in to a nice comfortable hotel.
After the dinner you all are invited to visit one of the bars to hang out with the other members of the group.
Includes: Breakfast – lunch – dinner

inca jungle trek santa teresa

Inca Jungle Trek Day 3: Santa Teresa – Hidro Electrica – Aguas Calientes

Around 7am after a typical breakfast we will get ready to continue exploring the roads that were followed by the first expeditionaries that discovered Machu Picchu and the important archaeological complex. The next journey will start in Santa Teresa. Those who reserved in advance will take the zip-line (and later this group will be taken by bus to Hidro Electrica). The rest of the group will continue the trek for around 3hrs through the valley until reaching the hydroelectric station, where the entire group will get together again. Here we will enjoy a great lunch, and after a break we will continue walking along this great Inca Jungle Trek tour for 3hrs, enjoying beautiful waterfalls, going through coca and coffee farms along the railway until arriving at the town of Aguas Calientes around 4pm. Here the group will spend the night in a hostel. At night we will all get together in a local restaurant to enjoy a great dinner and have a briefing about our next excursion to Machu Picchu, and the group will receive some snacks.
Includes: Breakfast – lunch - dinner

inca jungle trek zip line

Inca Jungle Trek Day 4: Aguas Calientes – Machu Picchu – Cusco

Finally on the last day of our Inca Jungle Trek tour we get up around 4:00am, after which we’ll get ready to head to Machu Picchu. Our trek will follow an ascending path through the high forest, after registering in the control entrance around 6:00am we will have a private guide leading us within the Inca citadel for about 1.5hrs. The travelers that booked the hiking to Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain will be able to start this journey. The climbing lasts around 45mins for Huayna Picchu, the way up is very steep at some points but it’s worth it because the view from the top is absolutely breathtaking. For Machu Picchu Mountain, it’ll take you about 2hrs to go up, and it’s not as steep as Huayna Picchu, but even higher!
Please note that you have to go before a certain time, so don’t forget to ask your guide which time slot you have been issued. You will have until 5pm to explore Machu Picchu on your own, after which the guards will ask you to leave. In the afternoon, according to the departure time of your train ticket, you will walk down on your own to the town of Aguas Calientes to get the train back to Ollantaytambo, where the group will be picked up and transferred to Cusco city. Remember to be at the train station at least 30mins before departure. The journey ends in the Plaza de Armas.
Includes: Breakfast

inca jungle trek machu picchu


  • 1 .- Transportation from Cusco – Abra Málaga.
  • 3 .- Bus from Ollantaytambo to Cusco.
  • 4 .- Mountain Bikes, Helmets and Gloves.
  • 5 .- A Private Bilingual Professional Guide.
  • 6 .- The following meals: 4 Breakfasts, 3 Lunches, 3 Dinners (Vegetarian Options Available).
  • 7 .- 2 Nights in a Local-Rural House with Basic Service (Shared Room).
  • 8 .- 1 Night of Hostel Lodging (Private Bathrooms and Hot Water).
  • 9 .- First Aid Kit.
  • 10.- Entrance Fees.


  • 1.- Responsible, experienced guides who speak English very well
  • 2.- The unique experience of sleeping with a local guest family and sharing their customs
  • 3.- Well-maintained bikes and good safety equipment
  • 4.- Our itinerary allows us to always arrive first at all the restaurants to eat and enjoy their commodities
  • 5.- Our guides share with you a vast amount of knowledge about the history of the pre-Inca cultures, the Incas and the Spanish invasion, as well as their knowledge about local flora and fauna.
  • 6.- We choose the safest bike route.
  • 7.- Quality food on the tour, and the opportunity to learn about local gastronomy.

The Inca Jungle trek is fast becoming a popular alternative to the Inca Trail

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