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Cusco review

The city of Cusco, filled with the beauty of historic buildings that show the story of the city in each rock. Some of the most remarkable places in the city lie in the historic center, one of the most beautiful and well known is plaza the armas, surrounded by palaces and cathedrals keeping the colonial environment,
Another place of popularity is the well known San Blas neighborhood with narrow streets that show the artistic side and bohemian city, and one of the main features is its rich cuisine the city has an endless number of restaurants that host the most exquisite flavors of peru, and everything tastes much better thanks to the kindness of its people, also they market like San Pedro full of flavors that will delight your palate with every bite, and also full of the finest textile crafts

Inka Jungle Trail to Machu Picchu

Day 1

The first day started with an amazing bicycle tour down from the top of Abra Malaga with its altitude of 4350 meters in the village Huamanmarka, which is in the jungle. It was such a scenic ride, where you could feel the difference between the mountains where you came from and the jungle where we continued with our adventure. In Huamanmarka we were picked up to go rafting in the Urubamba river which was qiet an interesting experience. 5 people in a boat going rafting for the first time made it more adventurous. After rafting we were nearly climbing up to our hostel which was an interesting simple house in the middle of the jungle where spent our first night.

Inka Jungle Trail to Machu Picchu

Day 2

After an delicious breakfast we were starting the Inka Trail which consists of many narrow paths and falling cliffs. Additional to the scenery we were taught many things about Inka history and were shown many fruits growing in the jungle. After an amazing lunch we were continuing our hike to Santa Teresa where could rest in the Hot Spring after a 7 hours of hiking. It was such beautiful contrast being in a Spa in the middle of the jungle with beautiful cliffs.

Inka Jungle Trail to Machu Picchu Day 2

Day 3

After a strange night in Santa Teresa which is like every mountain village a place where nothing is gonna happen, we were going Zip lining over the Urubamba river. It was more adventurous than I thought because of the heights and the variety of figures you could do with the Zip Line. After a delicious traditional lunch next to the doors to the path to Aguas Calientes we had a great time hiking along the railway tracks. In Aguas Calientes we had to buy many things for the big shot to Machu Picchu because up there everything is really expensive because of the mass of tourist. It was a great shopping experience in the second richest and one of the most beautiful cities of South America.

Inka Jungle Trail to Machu Picchu Day 3

Day 4

The final of our adventure was climbing up the Machu picchu to see the incredible ruins of the Inkas. It was a sacred place before it became on of the most visited tourist attractions in the world. It was such an amazing feeling being surrounded by the gigantic buildings and mountains up there. We had even the possibility to make a selfie with a lama, who weren’t shy at all.
After an interesting tour through the archeogical site of Machu picchu I was one of the most motivated hiker there and climbed up the Machu picchu Mountain. It was really hard to climb it up because of the amount of steps to reach an altitude of 3060 meters, but it was worth it because of the great view on the archeogical site and the Andes Mountains around Machu picchu. I was a bit disappointed by the Inka bridge because it is not allowed to cross it and it doesn’t look special at all because it consisted of just 3 wooden sticks to reach one site of the cliff. But that is just my opinion, because it was a refreshing and beautiful trail about 20 minutes to reach the closed doors of the bridge. After climbing down Machu picchu I was super tired and felt asleep just a minute later I came home by train and bus.

Inka Jungle Trail to Machu Picchu Day 4

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