Duration:  4 days and 3 nights Location:   cusco / peru Start time:  06:00:00
 Daily departures Visits:  Pispitayoc, Santa Teresa, Aguas Calientes, Machu Picchu How to buy?




After a breakfast with the group we go to our starting point by bus. From this starting point, the mountain Abra Malaga, we will descend for 3 hours by bike. During this downhill challenge we will pass stunning views and picturesque villages. After an excellent lunch the ones who have reserved in advance will start the rafting adventure, encountering a.o. rapids class III and IV. For the afternoon there is an alternative walking tour. At the end of the program we will hike to the beautiful ecological lodge in the town of Santa Rosa where we’ll have dinner. *Rafting is only available in dry season.
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We begin the day with breakfast at the lodge. We will walk along the riverbanks and start climbing for 30 min. On our way we will see small coffee plantations, fruit trees, etc. In this area it is possible to see many types of plants, orchids and birds, we will be in the high forest and that is a paradise of biodiversity of the route. After arriving at the top of the mountain we will see the whole valley of Urubamba. The group will descend for 2.30 hours approx. to arrive at the village of Qellomayo. After a lunch break we will trek for 3 hours, going through farms, rivers, waterfalls until arriving at the hot water springs of Santa Teresa. We will have a break and later the group will continue walking for 40 min. until reaching the town of Santa Teresa, where we will have dinner and sleep at a hostel.More info Llaqtapata Click Here

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After a good breakfast to start the day, we will continue exploring the roads less travelled. We will start at the town of Santa Teresa. The passengers that reserved in advance will do the zipline (later they will be taken by bus to the hydroelectric), the rest of the group will continue hiking for approx. 3 hours until reaching the hydroelectric too, where the whole group will re-join. Here we will have a great lunch. After a break, the journey will continue along the path for 3 hours, going through waterfalls, coca and coffee farms until arriving at the town of Aguas Calientes. The group will be taken to the hostel around 4 pm. At night we will all get together in a restaurant to have a delicious dinner and have a briefing about the trek to Machu Picchu.

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The group will get up early to have breakfast and go to Machu Picchu, following an ascending route through the high forest, we could have the chance to see the sunrise. The guide will show us the sanctuary for 2 hours approx. Later the group will be free to enjoy Machu Picchu by its own. We return by walking (2 hours) from Aguas Calientes to Hydroelectric where our bus (3 pm) waits to return to the city of Cusco, arriving around 9:00pm. Note: there is possibility to spend one more night in Machu Picchu town paying $30 extra, and return next day (if you want to climb Huayna picchu or Mountain Machu Picchu).

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