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The Trekking Adventure through the sacred paths of our ancestors signifies exploring the inner world stored in every corner in each small town that Conde Travel will take us. We will live in harmony and learn with the Andean Farmers, the Inca descendants. We will have the opportunity to observe and participate in some of the activities that shape their culture. Also, this alternative tour supports the Andean community by giving the traveller the chance to lodge at their hostels or warm homes while enjoying the products they have to offer and customs they want to share.

Walking is the ideal activity, its flexibility allows it to be enjoyed under any circumstances and location. Safety and effectiveness is always present and no special skill or training is needed.


Here we explain types of hikes available.

Low Intensity:

This hike keeps a pace of 18 to 30 minutes per mile. Is the ideal walking hike.

Moderate Pace:

Very comfortable for people with some type of walking habit. 14 to 17 minutes per mile.

High Intensity:

Virtually is a new concept for anyone with some type of walking habit.
Is the equivalent to a slow trot. 10 to 13.5 minutes per mile.

Very High Intensity:

This style of hike is considerate a competitive sport and is part of most people’s daily exercise routine because of its health benefits. 10 minutes per mile. The world record is 5.33 minutes per mile.


To walk The Inca Steps is to breathe, to meditate, to improve our connection with our higher self and The Higher Power. The clouds, the land, the sounds, the environment in general will tone our mind to a fresh and relaxed perspective of the journey through Peru. Step by step our inner power and emotional and mental strength will vibrate in higher frequencies strengthening inner energy sources.


If you have a health condition, a heart condition, diabetes, hypertension, any chronic illness or are recovering from illness consult a doctor before joining us on the trip. Remember that having good shoes and clothes is key to an accident-free hike. Always hike close to the group and specially the guide that Conde Travel will provide.

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